Registrations for new methane cars are slowing down in Iceland, electric cars are taking over

New methane car registration is slowing down in Iceland since 2011. On the other hand registrations for electric cars have shown a great increase for the same period of time.

Electric car registrations increased by 258 percent last year compared to 2011. Sales of new methane cars decreased by 64% and vehicles converted with methane fuel reduced from 404 to 57 over the same period, according to the Office for Transportation (Samgöngustofu).

Electric cars benefits from VAT and tax reduction in addition of being competitive against other type of vehicle in urban area. Up until last year it was possible to refill methane car only in one station. Due to the success of this bio-fuel, the availability of gas was not always sufficient especially during rush hours and enthusiasm from customers has decreased since. Hopefully the installation of additional refilling stations in Reykjavik area will bring a new dynamic to the methane market.

It should also be noticed that there is a growing interest for purchasing a new car no longer based on the size of the engine but on emission levels.

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