Ólis opened a new methane station in Mjódd

Last summer, the fuel company Ólis opened a new methane station in Mjódd in collaboration with Metanorka ltd.

The station quickly became very popular as methane car owners were satisfied with shorter refilling and good provision of gas. The facilities can receive large amount cars and today approximately half of the biomethane produced in Reykjavik city is distributed there.

Ólis station in Mjódd

Ólis decided to add yet another station in Alfheim in Reykjavik to ensure that methane will be more intuitive for most of methane car owners. The station is expected to be opened soon in the new year.

More irformation: http://metanorka.is/2013/12/enn-meiri-afkost-metanstodvar-i-mjodd/


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