Illegal contract for SORPA's biogas and composting plant

The contract between SORPA and the Danish company Aikan for the development of a biogas and composting plant at Álfsnes do not fulfill the legal requirement as there has been no public call for tenders.

This is the result of a decision after the complain from the companies Íslenska Gámafélagið and its daugther company Metanorka. The companies's proposal for the biogas and composting facilities was rejected earlier by SORPA because it was not a "tried and tested technology".

However, as it was reported by the engineering company Mannvit, consultant for SORPA, one of the disadvantages of the proposed technology by the company Aikan is how little experience the company has on running its process. Björn H. Halldorsson, CEO of SORPA, has not wished to reply on the matter yet.


Biogas upgrading plant at the landfill site in Álfsnes, Reykjavik





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