Metanorka and Olís buy methane from SORPA

A new agreement between Metanorka ltd. (a subsidiary of Íslenska gámafélagsins), Olís hf. and SORPA bs. entered into an agreement for the sale of methane from the landfill site in Álfsnes.


The three companies initiated a new collaboration which will change the landscape of the Icelandic methane field. Metanorka will pass a first step by opening a new distribution center in Gufunes mainly for business cars. In addition Olís plans to build a methane distribution station for the public and companies in Reykjavik for a year but it is conceivable that the company add another station in time.

Increasing demand for methane powered vehicles is a great opportunity for methane to develop in the field of transportation. Nowadays all methane is produced in Álfsnes from the landfill. Another option is the production of methane using organic matters with a great variety of sources. The company Metanorka plans to manufacture about 1 million Nm3 of methane (or the equivalent of 1.1 million gasoline) from pigs, poultry and cow and sort the organic waste in Melum í Hvalfjarðarsveit.

Furthermore, according to a pre-study made by Metanorka, it is up to 10 locations around the country that could be selected for financially feasible methane production plants.




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