Norðurorka buy a gas upgrading station

The company Norðurorka has signe an agreement to purchase a gas upgrading unit from the manufacturer Green Lane Biogas ( The unit will be used to upgrade gas from the landfill in Glerárdal.

The upgrading unit is using the so-called water scrubbing system which use the water to separate methane from other gases in the biogas. The station size is approximatively 130Nm3 capacity which means that it can handle around 600,000 Nm3 per year (8000 hours operation). This amount correspond to about 600 cars-equivalents including larger vehicles planned to be a considerable part of the customers. The engineering company Mannvit has determinated the amount of landfill gas enough until 2030 using such unit.

Price of the plant is 115 million kroner without considering ground preparation and auxiliary elements. Filling station will be built at the intersection of Súluvegar and Miðhúsabrautar west of Mjólkursamsölunnar. It consists of tools for compressing, storing and delivering gas to vehicles. Final purchase of equipment is on going. The production should start late summer 2013.


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