Valtra to begin limited serial production of biogas tractors

A good news is coming for farmers who desire to run their tractors on more sustainable and cheaper fuel. In the course 2013 the famous Finish brand of tractors Valtra is going to start limited serial production of a biogas tractor i.e. methane tractor. According to the company it is the first model of this type in the world.

Prototype Valtra N101 Biogas tractor

Fuel cost decreased by around one third

The idea of a tractor running on biogas is not new. Over the last couple of years, Valtra has been testing a prototype in Sweden using their N101 model (110 hp) as a base. It is running on Dual Fuel system which means that the tractor is using a mixture of diesel (ca. 30%) and methane (ca. 70%) in normal conditions. When methane storage is empty the tractor runs only on diesel fuel. It is also possible to imagine the use of biodiesel making the tractor running on fully renewable and environmentally friendly biofuels.

Technical characteristics

The N101 tractor has a power of 110 hp (81 kW) and running on methane provides the same power. The original capacity of methane cylinders is 4x42 liters which is a total of 168 liters (equals 30 liters diesel fuel). The storage capacity can be increased with extra storage cylinders.

Full datasheet (EN) :

 How the dual fuel system is working


The source and the user in a picture


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