BioSling, biogas upgrading on farm size level

The product is installed in a standard 24 foot container and can be handle by crane or by forklift. One little compartment is dedicated to electronic device for control and the rest of the container is for process components. The innovative process is based on a rotating coil of hoses where biogas and water are injected at two bars. The water and biogas are mixed due to the slow rotation and carbon dioxide is slowly absorbed into the water. When the mixture leaves the coil most of carbon dioxide is in the water and biomethane is pure at 94%.

If the owner want to go to 97% of bio-methane content the process can be completed with a classical water scrubbing column. The water full of carbon dioxide that goes out of the process is depressurized and carbon dioxide is flashed (go to gas phase again). Water can be kept in a close system and water used can be minimized.

The low pressure of the process and its simplicity make the maintenance and the investment cost such system really interesting for small scale upgrading (farm size). The aim of BioSling is to offer viable solution for local use of biomethane. This process could be a great opportunity for Icelandic farmers to produce their own biofuel.

According to the manufacturer Artic Nova AB, a cow farm with 200 heads has the potential of 260 Nm3 per day and 770 Nm3 per day for 600 heads. The energy content of 1 Nm3 of biogas is equal to 0.65 L of petrol (0.6 L diesel).

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